Cambrils: Excellent beach destination

At the heart of the Costa Daurada and between the sports marina and fishing port, we find the tranquillity and friendliness of Cambrils, a perfect destination for families with children who wish to enjoy relaxing holidays by the sea. The mildness of its climate and its landscape give everything in Cambrils a golden colour.


Much of the charm of Cambrils as a tourist destination for families is due to having kept alive the tradition of fishing and agriculture. Not only can we contemplate the work of the fishing boats in the port, we can also sample their catch in any of the restaurants in the area.

Walking or cycling through the almost 9 kilometres of the coast of Cambrils, accompanied by the seagulls, and later entering the historic centre of the city to return to the 12th century is another of the unique charms of Cambrils. This city offers us pleasures which are as simple as they are gratifying.

Since January 2007, Cambrils has been certified as a Family Tourism Destination, a seal of quality and guarantee granted by the Government of Catalonia.

The beach – the children’s favourite

There are nine beaches in Cambrils, each with fine golden sand and clear, shallow waters, perfect for children to play safely and let us feel relaxed. In 2015, three of its beaches were awarded by the European Union, being granted the “Blue Flag” quality distinction; proof of their level of quality.

126_PATRONAT In addition to the delights of the coast, there are further opportunities for fun for children, such as, for example, the children’s oasis, green areas with shade in which they can enjoy the beach without getting wet, and the playroom where they can play and have fun with other children of their own age, supervised by professionals.

The beaches of Cambrils have all kinds of services focused on comfort, fun and safety. There are toilets, showers and walkways on all beaches, and furthermore, there is also the option of obtaining identifying wristbands for children at the watchtowers.

After a day at the beach, playing on the sand and in the water, and sunbathing, we can relax, walking along the Seafront Promenade, admiring the beautiful landscape of the coast of Cambrils before going to enjoy a delicious dinner in any of its restaurants.

Fishing tourism

In an area such as Cambrils, profoundly influenced by fishing activity, it is not strange that visitors are offered the option of a day of fishing, experiencing for themselves a day at sea in search of the best quality fish.

There are two options: one consists of fishing charters for learning to fish as a family.

The second option offers something more relaxing, as in this case we board a leisure boat to reach the area in which the fishermen carry out their work. While we observe them, an expert will explain to us what a day of fishing consists of, and afterwards, we will sample a seafood menu in a restaurant in the area.


Have fun!

However, Cambrils does not only offer its beautiful beaches, but also a wide variety of leisure activities so that we always have something to do. Something which children like a lot is taking the tourist train which travels through the historic centre of the city: they have fun and we can admire the tangible part of the history of Cambrils.

The streets of Cambrils are also very entertaining: there is live music, and family circus shows, etc. Every two steps we find something new to discover, with shops allowing you to buy the typical products of the highest quality and trendy items.

There are 30 kilometres of bicycle track for discovering the secrets of Cambrils, visiting museums, enjoying the Roman ruins and areas full of charm. We are also able to travel through narrow alleys which allow us to discover the church, small chapels and the rest of the cultural heritage of the city.


New for the 2016 season, during the months of July and August, for the first time theatrical guided visits will be offered. Also during these months, as every year, the International Music Festival will be held, which this summer will have artists such as Julio Iglesias, Josep Carreras, Raphael, Malú, Alejandro Sanz, Antonio Orozco and Sweet California, a group which is very popular among young people. If you would also like to spend a day differently, we can visit the Port Aventura World theme park, just 8 kilometres from Cambrils.

Green Cambrils

In Cambrils there are some urban parks which allow a break for relaxation after travelling through the city. One of these is Parque del Pescador, built as a homage to the fishermen of the area. It combines Mediterranean and tropical flora, and due to its proximity to the beach, it is one of the parks which is most visited by tourists. Don’t miss out on the pond surrounded by eucalyptus, the most captivating area of the park.


Parque del Pinaret is the largest, and also most modern park. It has structures for activities in the open air, a green classroom with an agricultural plot for learning about indigenous species, a forest area with picnic tables and trails for walking, and a play area for children which includes road safety education.

Also for sporty families

The Cambrils sports marina also offers numerous leisure activities for families with children. Thanks to the Marine Resort of Salou-Cambrils-Mont-roig/Miami Platja, we can enjoy all kinds of nautical activities: sea baptisms, kayaking, sailing, etc.

The magnificent facilities of the sports marina are suitable not only for professionals and experts, but also for tourists and beginners in any watersports discipline.

If you like cycling, from Cambrils there are numerous routes through the Costa Daurada which allow us to enjoy the beautiful natural environment of the area while spending a pleasant time as a family. There are beginners’ routes if we do not have much experience, and also other more complicated routes for those who are proficient.


Furthermore, there is a full set of services around cycling tourism: accommodation which allows bicycles to be stored, workshops, spaces for cleaning bicycles, special menus for cyclists, and schedule flexibility, etc. There is no excuse for not enjoying tourism on two wheels!

Since 2013 Cambrils has been certified as a Sports Tourism Destination specialised in athletics, football, sailing and cycling.

Gastronomic capital of the Costa Daurada

This is the name that Cambrils is popularly known by, and it is deserved, as it is a lesson in live cooking. The star dishes are without a doubt fish and seafood, as Cambrils is a city with such a strong fishing tradition. Furthermore, the restaurants are certified in Family Tourism, with services and menus for children.

Fish and seafood in the area is characterised by being of excellent quality, and furthermore, the best extra virgin olive oil, with designation of origin from Siurana, is used in cooking, recently awarded by the Ministry of Agriculture, Livestock and Fisheries in the category of fruity and ripe. This oil is used by internationally renowned chefs and exported to France, Switzerland, the Netherlands and Japan, among other countries.


Cambrils has a large number of restaurants which have been recognised in specialised publications with 2 Michelin stars, which is certainly proof of the quality and professionalism of its over one hundred establishments.

The range of gastronomy in Cambrils could not be more varied: from traditional Catalan cuisine to the best Mediterranean food, not to mention establishments specialised in gluten-free cuisine. Furthermore, Cambrils is a member of the Gastronomic Tourism and Tasting Club of Spain.

Quality accommodation for families

Of course, we cannot forget the wide range of accommodation in Cambrils. Its quality and the attentive service for the needs of families with children make any option good, whether we choose a tourist apartment for enjoying independence, or a campsite in which we can enjoy nature.

If we prefer, we can also stay in any of the hotels, campsites and apartments of the city where families with children are always welcome: with family rooms, highchairs and cradles, nappy changers, children’s menus, bottle warmers, protected sockets, children’s swimming pools, and everything that we may need for enjoying holidays with children.

Beyond Cambrils…

Near Cambrils there are locations where excursions can be made, allowing the Discovery of this wonderful area of Catalonia. For example, we can visit the Monastery Castle of San Miguel de Escornalbou and the Castle of Santa Coloma del Queralt, as well as Cartuja de Escaladei, an enclosure built in the 12th century.

Very nearby we have the Delta del Ebro Natural Park with its ornithological museum, and the Sierra del Montsant Natural Park, ideal for hiking, excursions, and bicycle routes, allowing us to enjoy beautiful areas at any time of year.

Ultimately, Cambrils is established as a perfect destination, where families with children are always welcomed, offering numerous options for leisure and fun within reach: the beach, active tourism, gastronomy, culture – without a doubt, choosing Cambrils will be a success. What more do you need?

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