You’re really worth it this summer! Suitopia Talent

Suitopía Sol y Mar Suites Hotel has assumed from its birth, the total commitment with the families who want to enjoy their deserved vacations in the most complete way. Therefore, the range of plans presented for the youngest is infinite, so parents can enjoy their free time knowing that their children are in the best possible hands. Why do we know they are in the best hands? 

In addition to the fact that the team at Suitopia Sol y Mar Suites Hotel is tremendously professional and fun, now the hotel has gone one step further and presents an absolutely unique experience designed for children, Suitopia Talent.

A way to have fun like never before, where each child will be able to develop their creativity and abilities thanks to the art-science binomial proposed by Suitopía Sol y Mar Suites Hotel and which is aimed at allowing each child to explore, learn and develop their skills, with a passport as a valid entrance to the club… Something hard to forget!

The idyll between Suitopía Sol and Mar Suites Hotel and the family is its cornerstone and this is demonstrated by a hotel born by and for the family, even in its construction. 232 rooms taken care of to the most minimum detail with a functional and exclusive furniture, 200 are Suites of 75m2, that have an independent bedroom of the lounge, to have stays totally separated, 1.000 m2 of water, in a complex of swimming pools with slides and all the unimaginable amusement with simulators of F1 and Virtual Reality. In addition to the Thalassian Suitopía Spa where the health care and well-being of the whole family can become a reality.

Art, science, sports and technology to develop the skills of children from 4 to 17 years old

Suitopía Sol y Mar Suites Hotel has created the Suitopia Talent project for three age ranges, which will have different programs: miniclub (4-7 years), maxiclub (8-11 years) and teenagers (12-17 years). A different opportunity for children to discover and enjoy theatre, dance, music, painting, sculpture, cinema, robotics and fun science. Each workshop is divided by age so that children can take advantage of Suitopia Talent in the most optimal, complete and adapted to their concerns.

Theatre is a great way for children to develop their creativity and skills such as reading, empathy or diction -especially important at certain ages- and is ideal for losing stage fright and gaining confidence and security, while enjoying a new and unpredictable activity.

Magic will occupy another important place in the project, as it could not be otherwise in the case of children. Although it is true that Suitopía Talent has thought, in a very correct way, that it is an activity more directed to the older children, so as not to give rise to confusions or disappointments with the younger ones. Not only will the children enjoy tricks that will leave them hallucinated, but they will also be an active part of them, so that they can learn simple tricks and impress their families and friends.

Within the program, dance has an important role because it is an activity that involves skill, creativity and exercise. The children will move the skeleton with classic rhythms and funkies, and to the rhythm of Hip-Hop. All workshops will end with an open session where families will be able to enjoy everything learned by their little dancers.

Another of the star workshops will be music, a great opportunity for children to develop their hearing and melodic sensitivity, in addition, is more than proven to be a discipline that increases memory, concentration and autonomy. The mini-club group will participate in different songs, accompanying with percussion to improve and enhance their ability to mark and follow the rhythm. On the other hand, the maxi-club and the teenagers group will experience their approach to music through workshops aimed at the production and composition of songs, as well as the recording and production of albums.

The art planning is completed with workshops in sculpture, painting and film, designed to let fly the imagination, creativity and sensitivity of children, who will have the opportunity to express themselves freely and autonomously.

Art is complemented in this exciting journey with science, which, at first, can be somewhat arid for children, but vital for their knowledge and easy incentive for the curiosity of young children. The hotel project presents children with a fun science from a point of view that they cannot imagine, thanks to the collaboration of a somewhat «loko» doctor, who will bring the wise scientific precepts closer to the youngest members of the household, who will not only have a wonderful time, but will also satisfy their curiosity and increase their knowledge.

And all this, in a perfect geographical environment both for the practice of mountain sports and nautical suitable for the most adventurous families to live strong emotions.

Located in Calpe (Alicante) in the heart of the Costa Blanca and only 50 metres from the Arenal beach, Suitopia Sol y Mar Suites Hotel is a Family & Friendly Hotel certified with the Children & Fiendly, Tour & Kids and Family Tourism stamps endorsed by the Spanish Federation of Large Families, a new concept of family tourist accommodation.

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