Goldcar: You at the wheel; and by your side, the best company. What more could you ask for?

Holidays are just around the corner and going out to enjoy your free time, the road and the sun is more than necessary. Renting a car has become one of the most convenient options for getting to that destination that has been on your wish list for so long, especially if you are traveling with children.

We can assure you that in addition to being a comfortable alternative for your vacation, renting a car is also synonymous with security. At Goldcar they have prepared themselves conscientiously, they have their doors open and a big smile on their face (covered, of course, with a good mask). All that is left is your desire to go out and travel the road. Now, let’s all shout together: hello summer! We have missed you!

Wherever you go, the important thing is that it will be REAL

This 2020 it seems that #nosquedamosenEspaña, but wherever you go we propose to continue adding experiences together. In Goldcar you know that you don’t have to go to the other side of the world to have an authentic vacation. Whether you stay at home or travel abroad, the important thing is to let the journey surprise you. It is not where, but how and with whom.

But if that destination of your whislist is outside our borders, Goldcar’s network in Europe covers several countries besides Spain: from Portugal to Greece, passing through France, Italy, Croatia, Turkey, the Netherlands or Iceland. The place is chosen by you and if you dare to cross the pond, we also have offices open in New Zealand and the United States.

As a family, and to offer you what you need

Organizing this family vacation has never been easier. If you are travelling with children, renting a car allows you to discover an infinite number of places with total independence. You will only have to choose the starting point that best suits you to pick up the car, and set the places that you will explore along the way. For everything to go ‘on the road’, it is very important to choose a brand that guarantees safety and that adapts to what you are looking for. If you add to that unbeatable prices, Goldcar, as a leading brand in vacation car rentals, is the best option.

#1 SAFETY: Goldcar has implemented special measures so that you can enjoy a safe and flexible travel experience. The ‘Safety Program’ is its commitment to a strict cleaning and disinfection of offices and vehicles and a «zero contact» policy in the handing over of keys.

To make car collection even safer (and faster), we have Key’n Go. The automated key collection service avoids the need to go through the counter and the crowds. All you have to do is check in online and go straight to a totem to get your keys. You have no contact with anyone. In addition to being fast and safe, Key’n Go has all the advantages of an all-inclusive package, including full coverage and fuel at a closed price.

#2 The smart choice: what you need at an unbeatable price

In Goldcar they adapt to your trip, with types of cars, rates and packs and discounts for all tastes. In as well as in the app for smartphones, you will find a multitude of opportunities that will make your family trip the smartest option, taking advantage of unbeatable prices.

These advantages are also multiplied if you join the G People and form part of the Goldcar Club, where you can receive unique promotions designed for you, sign up for our offers before anyone else, accumulate points for future bookings and invite more friends or family.

The holidays are coming up, the sun is out and we can finally travel again. Do you need more reasons to rent a car and make a getaway?

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