Gran Canaria. An invitation to discover it as a family


Enjoying, learning and falling in love with Gran Canaria is just a matter of choosing it to live your next vacation. A true paradise that will create indelible memories.

Gran Canaria excites traveling families as it is a perfect destination for tourism with children, whether on the coast, in rural settings or in urban areas, or perhaps you want to discover them all to experience the true essence of the island. Family adventures, relaxation and active tourism are guaranteed in Gran Canaria. Its extraordinary nature invites you to enjoy the outdoors on any occasion, on its golden sand beaches, its unique orography or in its magical forests wrapped in its rich biodiversity, such as the one that surrounds the Gran Canaria Biosphere Reserve.

The mildness of its climate in any season encourages you to fully explore it, organizing different plans every day that will fascinate you all. Its rounded shape allows us to surprise ourselves with its landscapes full of contrasts in very short trips. Known as a small continent in miniature, fun and relaxation blend in perfect harmony with centuries of history, culture and traditions. And let’s not forget its excellent gastronomy, full of its own exotic flavors and a cuisine based on local products from the land and sea that surrounds it.

Gran Canaria is a family friendly destination, thought of in every detail so that children and teenagers feel at ease, perfect for living unforgettable experiences in an environment of comfort and with the tranquility that families need. Travel to the planet of children to have a great time at any time with some of the ideas that will make you feel and enjoy it to the fullest.

The coast as a great amusement park

One of the main attractions of Gran Canaria is undoubtedly its incredible beaches, with options for all tastes: golden or black sand and crystal clear waters, virgin bays, family-friendly and with all kinds of services, urban, wild or quiet. Infinite options to choose from if you are looking to rest in the sun or get active by practicing sports on round days like the island itself.

The different personalities of the beaches of Gran Canaria allow you to live them as you like, and with children the success of spending a day by the sea is guaranteed. You don’t have to go very far, for example, to observe dolphins and other cetaceans, since the coast of Gran Canaria is one of the privileged areas of the Canary Islands to see them play with the waves and swim freely, a privilege that our kids will not forget. When you get off the ship, you can increase your sense of enjoyment with a quiet swim on the beach or in its fun natural pools, or feel strong emotions opting for the water park slides, where water becomes your favorite toy, but you can also be entertained snorkeling or learning surfing, windsurfing, sailing and other water sports.

If your dream is to learn to get on a board to ride waves, the island has one of the best spots in the country to learn to surf in the area of ​​La Cícer, in Las Canteras, one of the best urban beaches in Europe. The tranquility of this bay offers areas that seem tailor-made to also start with paddle surfing, as in the nearby beach of Las Alcaravaneras, both in the heart of the island capital, Las Palmas de Gran Canaria. School students can become familiar with the marine environment in different parts of Gran Canaria, since the currents, tides and location are different, with services and activities prepared for minors, and available on beaches that offer extremely safe conditions. Gran Canaria is therefore a gigantic open-air gym that allows the practice of this and other sports throughout the year.

On this Atlantic island in the middle of the ocean the adventures are endless. They can dive to the bottom of the sea inside a yellow submarine in Puerto de Mogán, reaching a depth of 25 meters in one of the cleanest seabeds on the coast of Gran Canaria, so during the voyage, and through the windows and eyes of ox, you can see the marine fauna that lives in this area and also the remains of some sunken ships.

Another option is to enter the worlds of fantasy and fun at amusement and theme parks. In Maspalomas there is one of the best zoological parks in the Canary Islands, the Palmitos Park, with a large number of plants, both endemic and from other parts of the world, and which has several animal shows that range from birds of prey and exotic to dolphins.

If life under the sea excites you, you cannot miss a visit to the great Poema del Mar aquarium, the most spectacular in Europe, which opens a window to the marine universe in Las Palmas de Gran Canaria. In its facilities there is a large theme park of the Biodiversity of our Blue Planet with three different areas: surface marine ecosystems, deep marine ecosystems and freshwater species in which more than 350 species from all over the planet meet.

Nature to recharge energy in the heart of the island

The whole family will be surprised when taking an excursion to the heart of Gran Canaria, in the inland municipalities you can discover the impressive landscapes of Tejeda, Artenara, Gáldar and Agaete, including a stop to contemplate the cultural landscape of Risco Caído and the Sacred Mountains. of Gran Canaria, declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO. The history of the Canarian aborigines passes before the eyes of those who carefully observe this imposing ancestral space where an important cultural legacy is preserved.

Gran Canaria has an immense natural heritage to explore. From its highest peaks, with its rugged cliffs and lush vegetation, it is possible to achieve the prize of connecting with nature in all its splendor. The island is a Biosphere Reserve in almost half of its territory, which invites you to explore it with ease, walking along easily accessible trails and paths, discovering some of the island’s natural treasures step by step. UNESCO granted this protection to the island for its great biodiversity and its excellent conservation, with more than a hundred species of plants that are unique in the world and an equally unique fauna such as the mythical canaryon lizard or the blue finch, which lives in the legendary pine forests of Gran Canaria.

One more track to everyone’s surprise is a tour of the surroundings of the Roque Nublo Natural Monument, an experience for the senses from one of the highest points on the island, emblem of Gran Canaria, which exerts a hypnotizing power on whoever sees it. contemplate. A way of bringing children closer, and immersing ourselves as adults, in the maximum expression of Nature and breathing fresh air.

Urban tourism with identity

In a big city like Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, our children will not get bored. For the little ones, it will be an adventure to get on the double-decker tourist bus and see the capital of Gran Canaria with their eyes wide open. A city with magic and dynamics with its historic neighborhood of Vegueta, presided over by the cathedral and samples of its colonial past, visit the Casa de Colón, and relive how the Genoese admiral Christopher Columbus left for the Americas from this nerve center of the Atlantic.

On your walk through this cosmopolitan city you can also go to the Elder Museum of Science and Technology, located in the Santa Catalina Park, where children can discover this institution of scientific dissemination in which they are constantly invited to touch and think. to develop imagination and creativity.

Museums arouse great curiosity in children, and in Gran Canaria they have a great variety to let themselves be captivated by a history and culture in which the thousand ingredients that made the island a conclave of different cultures intermingle, from those dedicated to pre-Hispanic mummies, ancient ships or contemporary art.

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