Cambrils Authentic: Activities and visits with the family

In Cambrils we have many proposals to enjoy a complete vacation. From strolling through its squares and alleys, to discover all its historical legacy, to delight us with its famous cuisine; without forgetting, of course, the beaches of fine golden sand.

Where do we start?

Just one kilometer from the coast, Cambrils displays all its charm in the old town. Its squares and alleys exude history, which we will discover at every step. The interesting buildings of the 15th and 16th centuries, such as the wall, follow one another along with other jewels of architecture, such as the Church of Santa María.

By the way, to get to the old town, there’s nothing better than getting on the Tourist Train, which takes the whole family from the port area, located on the seafront, to the Vila neighborhood. This way, we will satisfy the little ones, who will enjoy it beautifully, and will put them in good spirits to face the following visits.

Under the sun

In Cambrils we will find 9 warm beaches, some super long, where the entrance to the sea is not very pronounced and no matter how much you walk, you do not sink; These are perfect for children. Others are deeper, with coves with artificial breakwaters that give personality and create corners for bathers.

Most beaches have the Blue Flag badge and have all the services a family may need: children’s play areas, oases and swings, mini-club, and of course chiringuitos where you can eat a good portion of delicious seafood dishes.

Sports in the sea

Here we can practice all kinds of water sports, including their Nautical Club, unique in the Costa Daurada and where they also organize courses related to the sea, for everyone. They teach the basic techniques of sailing, to navigate, the different courses taking advantage of the force of the wind, and much more at any time of the year.

Bike rides

We do not leave the coast, because we still have a lot to do here. What about a bike ride next to the sea? Here we have it easy. We propose to walk the 23 km of bike lane: along the coast in plain, a very healthy and fun route for all cyclists.


On the 6th of July there will be a very fun competition for the whole family: sand castles. The teams to compete will be formed by 2 people, a child under 12 years and an older person, who can be the father, mother, grandparents, etc.

In addition, this year, from the 7th to the 9th of June, a weekend dedicated to the family will be held, called «Hello Family!» organized by the Catalan Agency of Tourism (ACT) and the municipalities certified in Family Tourism. It includes a wide variety of activities, such as shows, musicals, train rides to get to know the town, children’s cooking workshops and much more.

Stimulating visits

We continue with the adventures, this time with a greater emotion, because we face the corsairs. The Tower of the Port, that defended Cambrils of the attacks of the pirates in century XVII, now is a place from which good views of the coast and the sea are obtained.

In our particular trip through time, we move now to the most romantic colonial era, and we do it thanks to the Samá Park, recently remodeled, which is located between Cambrils and Montbrió, 4 kilometers from the town. It is one of the best examples of romantic gardening in the Mediterranean, consisting of a huge palace and an artificial pond surrounded by high walls. Our children will love meeting the different exotic species that inhabit it.

Lessons in museums

We will not only find fun for our children, but also stimulating lessons, through the museums of Cambrils, which will be difficult to find in a classroom. In the Molino de las Tres Eres, we can see in operation its impressive flour mill, a complete piece of traditional agricultural engineering.

Villa Romana de la Llosa is a site open to the public that presents the preserved remains of a village, the immediate surroundings of Tarraco inhabited between the 1st and 6th centuries AD.

Culinary delights

After so many emotions, surely our appetite has been opened. It is the ideal time to discover the gastronomy of the area. Nothing more delicious than a rice or a «suquet» of fish, which we will find here in any of the numerous restaurants in which it is, in fact, the Gastronomic Capital of the Costa Daurada.

Cambrils has devised culinary proposals for the whole year, so each month a gastronomic conference is organized, where the products of both the garden and the sea, are protagonists and the restaurants prepare dishes and culinary activities around the ingredient of the month.

Sit on a terrace and try the noodles «rossos» seasoned with extra virgin olive oil. This will be your delicious moment. You have no excuses for not coming.

Showings afternoons

Every day in summer you will find a show in the streets of Cambrils; magic, juggling, concerts, etc.

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