Pueblo español. Spanish conversation course in Spain through total immersion

Pueblo Español want to offer the most effective Spanish conversation course in Spain through total immersion. Student participants live with native Spanish speakers from different parts of Spain, who are specifically selected to live with the students for 8-days in stunning locations. The full immersion method includes more than 12 hours of conversation a day, through an intense schedule lead by a team of experts. Students will improve their listening comprehension, Spanish fluency and ultimately foster self-confidence.

What makes Pueblo Español different

Pueblo Español offer a personalized service with direct contact with the Program Manager who carefully guides the participant through the application and follow-up process to make sure students get the most out of the educational expereince.

Participants make their own way to Madrid, where they will be greeted and then sent off to their charming location. Pueblo Español offer a full 8-day package deal where everything is included.

The native-Spanish speaker element makes this program unique in its sector. The diverse group of volunteers dedicate themselves to speaking and ultimately supporting the overall learning objective, accomplished through the following:

– Exposure to hours on end of “real language”, not watered down nor stilted by hundreds of teaching hours in the particular way a language teacher speaks.

– Proves that one can be perfectly capable of making themselves understood even though they make a lot of mistakes.

– Demonstrates that being effective with the language does not require perfect mastery of grammar nor a broad spectrum of vocabulary.

– Forces the participants to stop translating mentally from their mother tongue when they speak. Really, they don’t even have time to translate, whereby the immersion method will, in only 8 days, break a bad habit many have had for years.

Sector statistics and related news:

– As the world’s second-most spoken language Spanish is a vibrant, popular language for business, travel and cultural activities.

– Almost all participants will tell you the most attractive aspect of our course is the cultural exchange, the chance to learn more about Spanish people and Spain in general. Clients choose to come to Spain to enjoy the sun, the food, and exposure to a “neutral” Spanish and Castilian accent.There are millions of Spanish learners in the world, more than 21 million study says: http://eldiae.es/wp-content/uploads/2015/06/espanol_lengua-viva_20151.pdf

– Spain is an attractive touristic and linguistic destination. http://marcaespana.es/en/news/economy/cultural-tourism

Students participants

Normally students get hours of grammar class and not enough conversation practice! This is for students who need to improve their listening and Spanish speaking skills, gain fluency and self-confidence. This is for open, extroverted people who would not be scared to travel on their own or would not be turned off by having to live, share experiences and converse with new people.

The participants may need Spanish for the working environment, for the ability to visit one of the four continents where Spanish is the first language, or to appreciate the deep tradition and heritage of the language. They might show a general interest in travel, Spain, Spanish, tourism, Spanish language, Spanish culture.

The participants are of all ages! The candidates for our Adult programs are between 22 and 70… and even older as able– there is no formal age limit; the only requirement is to have a base level of Spanish, a good level of determination and to be ready to talk more than 15 hours a day!

Student profiles/types

Business profesionals, embassy and institution employees – They are currently living in Spanish or will be moving here soon and will need Spanish for their day to day working environment; they are going to move to a Spanish speaking country or export products or services with a Spanish speaking country.

Spanish teachers – Non-native Spanish speakers who need to improve their communication skills teach Spanish in schools and universities abroad.

Expats and expat family memebers in Spain – they want to learn Spanish for their new day to day lives in Spain. Some of these expats ar new to Spain, but may have been living for some time already but want to assimilate more.

Spanish learners (for the fun of it) – these people are learning Spanish for the love of the language and want to improve for traveling , culture, or to perhaps even to relate to new family members who speak Spanish. Some of these people tend to be retired and have extra time on their hands to focus on their language hobby.

Students – students taking Spanish in high school or university (this doesn’t make sense if we don’t have ages 20-21!) who want to advance for pure interest or they want to major in Spanish.

Specialized programs

Student Programs – The “Student Teen Programs” is for Spanish language learners between 13 to 17 years old. (Slightly younger and older students are also welcome as long as they meet the minimum level requirements).

Teachers – Aimed at preschool, primary, secondary school teachers and university professors that teach, or are going to teach Spanish or their subject in Spanish. This program focusses on vocabulary and language used specifically in a classroom dynamic so they can understand and control the dynamic of a class more confidently. Participants will learn how to use phrases and structures that a teacher in the US, UK, Canada or Australia would use.

Other sectors – Well-known companies that sponsor their employees for Spanish-language acquisition can take part in this unique career development program. Apart from the regular program content, particular emphasis is placed on improving the employees’ vocabulary in their industry or sector and we specifically look for volunteers in this profession.


Baeza and Ubeda, Jaén (Andalucia)

Baeza is known for the legacy of its monuments and for housing a university since the 16th century (currently the International University of Andalucia). It was a strategic point in the retaking of Al-Andalus by the Christian monarchs. During its period of great demographic and economic growth – most of the 16th century and part of the 17th – Baeza built its public and administrative buildings. They, together with the churches, make up the majority of the architectural monuments that delight the visitor.

The hotel is located in the historic center of the town, near the Town Hall and the plaza. It’s a spacious hotel, re-built from its monastery origins conserving its renaissance style. All rooms are fully equipped.

Hotel TRH: http://www.trhhoteles.com/hotel-trh-ciudad-de-baeza-en-jaen/

Doña Teresa (La Alberca, Salamanca)

Located in the beautiful Sierra de Francia hills and historically inhabited by Jews, Arabs and Christians, La Alberca was named Spain’s first National Heritage Site in 1940. Despite its popularity, the town still maintains its magical, lost-in-time feel. Apart from your opportunity to explore the town during your ‘tú a tú’ (1-to-1) sessions or in your free time, they will provide organized visits to learn about this Spanish Heritage gem in more detail, including the church, house museum, main square, and unforgettably friendly people.

With views of the town, countryside, courtyard of garden, the rooms have private bathrooms and are perfect for relaxing, unwinding after a hard day and preparing to give your best for the next day. The hotel’s spacious rooms are furnished in wood, stone and locally embroidered fabrics. There is a café/bar, a courtyard and several lounges where you can interact with the other participants. The hotel provides additional quaint spaces for us to gather for our special group activities. Additionally, you’ll be able to enjoy local cuisine in the hotel’s restaurant, “La Abuela Carmen”.

The venue is about 80 km from the city of Salamanca and just under 300km from Madrid. We organize transport from and back to Madrid, leaving on the morning of the first day of the program and coming back in the evening of the last day of the program.

Hotel Doña Teresa (La Alberca, Salamanca) – http://www.hoteldeteresa.com/


Established in 2001, Diverbo is one of the leading language teaching companies in Spain. We are specialized in immersion programs (adult and teens), business-skills workshops and customized in-company solutions.

Their clients come from a range of sectors and industries many of whom are members of the Ibex 35 (the Spanish stock exchange). Diverbo has taught English to more than 25,000 students. Since 2009 we have also provided Spanish to expatriates and foreigners in a unique immersion experience of more than 100 hours of exposure to the language over an 8-day period.

About 80% of clients come from Spanish and multinational companies.


learnspanish@diverbo.com +34913913400 (Madrid, Spain GMT+1)




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