Marina d’Or: A holiday city designed for us

A city with all the services and attractions that we can imagine, on the beachfront and with the comfort of our own homes. That is what Marina d’Or offers, where the Holiday City takes on a special meaning.


In Marina d’Or, everything is oriented towards fun and relaxation, with the added advantage of organisation, planning and coordination being oriented towards the satisfaction of the visitor.

In the Holiday City, we do not find a macro resort as we can see in other holiday areas. The concept is much broader, more friendly and personal for visitors, as there are no kinds of restrictions. This means that there is not only no enclosed area limiting our movements, but that life outside is not just possible, but encouraged.

Let’s enjoy the intense life of the surrounding area. On many days we will find parades in the main streets of the Holiday City, such as those of the Kings and Disney. Furthermore, the gardens of Marina d’Or hold numerous shows and musical sessions. Altogether, it is an invitation to go out into the street and have fun as a family.

Everything that we can imagine in accommodation

The issue of accommodation is more than resolved in Marina d’Or, as this is specifically one of its main offers. This is the advantage of spending a holiday in a specifically designed place.


Here we can find all kinds of accommodation options. If we want the attention and service of a five star hotel, we can have it without a problem. If, on the other hand, we prefer apartments, we can choose whether they have services included or are just accommodation. These are just a few examples, as the area offers 5, 4 and 3 star hotels, as well as all kinds of apartments on and near the beach front.

Another aspect shared by all hotels is that they offer entertainment activities, organised throughout the area. Each day we will find an informative leaflet which details the different activities which are scheduled in the different hotels from day to day.

In terms of the types of rooms, in Marina d’Or we can find a wide variety. Whatever we need, Marina d’Or can offer it to us, which cannot be said of all resorts.

In fact, the Gran Duque hotel, for example, offers the possibility of double rooms so large that they can even incorporate additional beds, a perfect solution for travelling with children. Children have free accommodation in this hotel throughout the year (accompanied by two adults, although there are offers for single-parent families).

In fact, the hotel has the seal of quality from the Spanish Association of Large Families.

Marina d’Or Spa

One of the great attractions of the resort is the spa which we find in the five star hotel. It is a very good idea to visit and enjoy it if you like this kind of facility.


To give you an idea of how good it is, I usually write the international reports, and have visited the best spas of the world. I may have seen some of the most luxurious, but I have never felt the sensation of cleanliness of the Marina d’Or spa in any of them; and one of the spas which we have visited was that used by the members of the Russian Politburo in Latvia.

Activities to enjoy with children

Those of us travelling as a family are in luck, as Marina d’Or takes special care of families. This is not only due to the facilities, which we will look at, but for the attention received by both adults and children.

Marina d’Or offers 8 leisure parks for the whole family. The Parque Aventura d’Or is the perfect place for having fun with our children. This is a wild, natural environment of 12,000 square metres, where nature and adventure are combined. Vegetation and rocks, large scale replicas of animals and wooden structural elements vitalise a very wide range of attractions. It is open in Holy week and from mid-June to mid-September.


If our children are younger, they will love Mundo Fantasía, a large children’s park which is home to a large number of attractions, from the most modern to traditional. The decoration greatly helps our children’s immersion, thanks to the decorations with large dolls, which also give a fantasy atmosphere. Adults can go shopping for souvenirs there thanks to the shops which surround the park. If we need to recharge our batteries, Barco Pirata offers soft drinks and ice creams.

Open at weekends, national holidays and in summer.

If we prefer more refreshing attractions, our choice is the Polinesia water park. Here we have 54 novel activities and different attractions. Both adults and children will be amazed. Food is offered by the Polinesia café, the park’s exotic restaurant.

The Jardín Encantado is an original park with thousands and thousands of flowers, full of fantastic characters, actors and a great show for all ages. This park, due to its originality and natural decoration, is catalogued by the University of Castellón as unique in the world.

First class beaches

It may seem obvious, but some have found the opposite of what we are going to say. The sea water is of excellent quality, clean and without surprises such as jellyfish. The temperature is excellent for those who prefer a warm sea, perfect for taking a dip without the discomfort of cold water.


Our food

Among the accommodation, as we have commented, there is the option of choosing an apartment. In this case, we will need to go shopping and prepare food ourselves. Luckily we have a supermarket near the adventure park. It is the only one that we will find, because here it is common to find shopping centres with small food shops.

Nearby tourism

A short distance from Marina d´Or, and very well connected with it, there are various tourist attractions. As a “break” within a relaxing holiday, they may be very interesting. Very nice excursions can be made either by train or taxi.


Children can enter the spa at Marina d´Or. This is something that must be highlighted, as in many places children are not allowed to enter. This is another example of Marina d´Or being a distinctly family destination.

How to get there

Marina d’Or Holiday City is located in Oropesa del Mar, on the Costa de Castellón in the Autonomous Community of Valencia.

There are various ways to arrive, thanks to good infrastructure. There are international airports nearby, which along with the AVE high speed train allows us to arrive at Marina d’Or in record time.

Fun for all ages

Emotion Park is a park with separate attractions with the common factor of being for younger visitors and even adults.

The first of its large attractions is a go kart circuit with possibly the most cutting edge vehicles on the market, with the capacity to accelerate from 0 to 100 in 4 seconds.

Don’t miss out on the fun wipe-out circuit, with fun challenges in the style of those made famous by programmes such as “Humor Amarillo”.


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