El Vendrell.Coast of fun

The geographical location has always benefitted El Vendrell and that can be noted instantly upon arrival. In the heart of the Costa Dorada, the climate of the town is privileged and in the streets you recognize that you are in a place open to the rest of the world. Its beaches of fine sand, San Salvador, Comarruga und Fracàs are protected by mountains topped by the massive Garraf.

4 - Cercavila de foc - Diables

To visit El Vendrell is to opt for an intense holiday full of activities. The kids will have a lot fun but you should not forget that there is much on offer for you as well. The cultural possibilities are very interesting. The museum Casa Museo Àngel Guimerà, the birthplace of Pau Casals, the museum Deu, the foundation Fundación Apelles Fenosa and the Villa Casals constitute a rich museum circuit.You should not miss a visit to some jewels, like the arciprestal church dedicated to the Santísimo Salvador (cit holy savior). Inside you can see a modernist altar, a work of the architect Josep Maria Jujol, as well as the organ of the year 1777, Pau Casals father played. Also very interesting is the hermitage of San Salvador, located in the waterfront district of the same name.

The musical offerings are very interesting as well. The program is intense and consists of a wide range of concerts and recitals and its Highlight is the Festival Internacional de Música Pau Casals. El Vendrell offers also a cycle of traditional music, sardana meetings and concerts of antique organ among many other acts.

Fine sand

15 - Riuet (nens)

The three beaches of Vendrell are very tranquil, the water is transparent and tempered and the high iodine content of the water on this part of the costa dorada is an especially healthy property. And since 1988 the coast of El Vendrell hace received the blue flag every year which is a known guarantee for optimal conditions and appropriate equipment.

Activities in the water

24 - Iots del Club Nàutic

Besides sunbathing there is much more to do at the beaches of Vendrell. We can practice some fitness at the three beaches, consisting of pilates or latin batucada always depending of the day and the beach where you are. The participants only have to pay 1 Euro per session and there isn’t any limit on age or physical condition. Everybody can participate.At the Aula Acuática of the Masía Blanca you can have fun for many hours. This initiative is an attempt to open the marine reserve to sustainable nature tourism and gives the opportunity to know and enjoy the reserve by means of various activities.

The Aula Acuática offers an informative exhibition and a documentary about the marine reserve to give you more information and to show the value of nature to the kids.

Once we have all the necessary information we can snorkel in the marine reserve to see the flora and fauna in a special way. Don’t worry, if you can swim you also can snorkel and you get the necessary equipment to practice the activity. It will last about 2.5 hours and the Price is 20 Euros.

In good shape

10 - Velers - Escola Club Nautic

Surely you love to do more things in family and for this reason we recommend Nordic Walking. This aerobic activity is very easy to practice in Vendrell where you will have the feeling of taking a pleasant walk instead of practicing sports. You only need good shoes and two poles, similar to the cross-country skiing poles. Nordic Walking is very healthy, more than simply walking, and everybody can practice it even those who have never done any physical exercises.

The equipment is mínimum: specific poles, adapted two the height of the user, comfortable clothing, sports shoes, suntan cream and water. If you don’t have poles you can borrow some.


7 - Tast de vi - Gerard  Jané

Another option to enjoy Vendrell is taking part in the celebrations and traditions. The most important are the Fiesta Mayor, the day of Santa Ana and the fair of Santa Teresa, celebrated every October since 1829. Also you can assist to special performances such as the group of Castellers els Nens del Vendrell, that always acts at important festivals. For the celebrations they always organize a parade, consisting of the Baile de Bastones, los Gigantes, el Baile de Díablos and all the folk culture groups.

Healing waters


El Vendrell fue declarada Villa Termal en 2004 por la Federación Española de Municipios y Provincias, y ha sido gracias a las propiedades terapéuticas de sus aguas.El Vendrell was declared thermal village in 2004 by the Spanisch Federation of Municipalities and Provinces thanks to the therapeutic properties of its water.

The wellspring Estany del Riut lies at the beach Coma-ruga in the municipality of Vendrell (Baix Penedès, Tarragona). In the 19th century was discovered that the water of this wellspring has healing properties and a constant temperature between 18ºC and 21ºC. A result of this discovery was the construction of a luxury spa in the 20th century being the initiation of the urbanisation Coma-ruga.

Nowadays the water of the wellspring flows through Canals to a decorative fountain outside, from where it flows to the Estany and then to the Riuet, which flows into the beach. The healing properties attract people of all ages throughout the year.


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