Asia Garden Hotel: the importance of details

Thanks to the cataloging stars, is easy to know how will be good or bad hotel. Because for that were made, to let potential customers know what to expect. If you stay in a hotel with two stars, obviously waiting less than if you do it in one with five stars. But surpassed this first screen, is in «details» where great and good hotels are distinguished. It is the details that make a stay at a hotel a pleasure or horror. At ASIA GARDENS, the details are numerous and are made to improve the guest experience.


The ASIA GARDENS is a five star hotel and thanks to its numerous details to its guests, makes a very pleasant experience staying there.

Could begin, though it may seem strange, before arriving at the hotel. Yes, before. Because if there is something that is appreciated when you go to a hotel, is it easy to get. And if in addition the hotel has been concerned put signs to facilitate orientation as already it is a plus. Because although there are gps and locations for mobile, nothing is better than a «my awesome poster» that clearly indicated you which is the damn exit of the roundabout which you have to take.


Details continue at the time of the arrival. Because being able to choose between a foreign, but guarded, parking is free and one underground, it is an interesting thing. But they don’t end here details on arrival.

Upon entering the hotel, the staff of the hotel begins to operate. From you luggage quickly bring to a room, to explain all the details of the hotel, reception staff, providing you any information about the area of «Customer service». The expected in a five star hotel, but done in a friendly and professional manner. Because it is not the first time that in a five-star hotel, if you’re not a «celebriti», the treatment is not adequate to the stars.


Other details that make a highly recommended hotel for families of Asia Gardens is the diversity of settings in relation to the rooms. The doubles are large, huge suites and interconnecting rooms make it in a way that respects the privacy, since it there are classic, with a door, and that they communicate through a small Hall or old.

The details when it comes to focusing on the gastronomic theme are endless. In any of the restaurants in the hotel we will eat fantastically. And in all the restaurants, the staff helps you so the kids meal is appropriate. Even in a great restaurant gourmet or Thai, looking the way that is pleasing to children.

Reach is as simple as follow the signs that lead you to Terra Mitica, and when you’re almost at the gates of the Park, follow the signs that show you the way to the hotel. You can go by toll or by national conventional, although the toll is much faster.


Although Benidorm does not usually rain, case that did during our stay in the hotel, one detail, on-site supplied some umbrella to move through the buildings that make up the whole. It places them in a few umbrella stands that are located at the entrances of the various buildings.

To exactly 4 minutes, and extremely easy to find your way, we can find a shopping centre with supermarket, petrol station and fast food. Traveling with the family, having close and well located this sort of thing, is very useful.

Asia Gardens Hotel facilities are simply fabulous. The pools are amazing and the Spa, a joy. Everything we can find in a luxury hotel, you will be able to find it there.

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