Marina d’Or: The most complete holiday

If we carried out a survey asking what the ingredients for a perfect holiday were, the responses would be very similar to what you will find in Marina d’Or. It’s a town, offering all the services and attractions imaginable, right at the seaside and with the conveniences that we only find in our own homes.


Marina d’Or really makes you feel at home, but with all the emotion of an absolutely complete holiday, because the expression Ciudad de Vacaciones or ‘Vacation City’ reaches new dimensions here.

Everything is aimed at enjoyment and relaxation at Marina d’Or, with the added advantage that the organization, planning and coordination are oriented towards visitor satisfaction.

In a sense, Ciudad de Vacaciones reminds us of the macro resorts in the Caribbean, but here the concept is more open and friendly for visitors because there are no restrictions. What this means is that the resort isn’t fenced in and isolated, rather you can visit areas outside the resort and visitors are encouraged to explore the surroundings.

This situation is ideal for enjoying the intensity of life in the area. Many days you will find parades in the streets of the village, such as the parade of the Magi or the Disney parades. In addition, Marina d’Or gardens host numerous shows and musical performances. All this is an invitation to go out and have a great time with your family.

Different types of accommodation

There is nothing more important than finding accommodations that meet expectations. This is not a problem at Marina d’Or because this is one of its main offerings. This is the advantage of staying at a place especially designed for this purpose.

All sorts of options are available here. If you want the service and attention of a five-star hotel, you can have it. However, if you prefer an apartment, whether touristic or private, because you are more comfortable in this kind of accommodation, this is also one of the possibilities. These are only a few examples, because there are many other options, such as hotels of different categories.

But there is one thing they all have in common. They are all less than 100 meters from the sea, with exception of the Hotel Gran Duque, lying about 300m away from the sea.

Another feature shared by these properties is the variety of activities and animation you can enjoy in the hotels. Each day you’ll receive a leaflet with information about the planned activities in the different hotels.

With regard to the types of rooms at Marina d’Or, you can choose from a wide range. Whatever type of room you need, Marina d’Or has it, something that can’t be said of all resorts.

002_VCH030_FO_Marina_OkredSpa Marina d’Or

The spa is one of the greatest attractions of this holiday resort and it is located at the 5-star hotel. It’s a very good idea to pay a visit and spend time enjoying what the spa has to offer, if you like this type of facility, of course!

To get an idea of the quality, you should know the following fact. Comparing the best and most famous spas of the world, even the most luxurious spas do not provide the same sensation of cleanliness as does the Marina d’Or Spa. And this includes one of the best spas we’ve visited, which is in Latvia and was used by the members of the Russian Politburo.

Activities for the whole family

Those travelling with their families are in luck because Marina d’Or takes special care of families. Not only because of the facilities, which are very good as you will see further on, but also for the very special attention both adults and children receive.

Marina d’Or has 7 amusement parks for the whole family. The Parque Aventura d’Or park is the perfect place to enjoy with kids. It is located in a natural and wild environment of 12.000 m² where nature and adventure go hand in hand. Vegetation and rock, large-scale replicas of animals and wooden structural elements animate the wide range of attractions. It’s open during Easter Week and from mid-June until mid-September.

If the kids are quite small, they will love the playground Mundo Fantasia. Here they’ll find many attractions, from the most modern to the traditional. The decoration encourages kids to enter the fantasy world, thanks to the huge puppets that provide an atmosphere of fantasy. Meanwhile the adults can buy souvenirs right there in one of the shops. And if we need a break to recharge batteries, a visit to the Pirate Ship is the place to go for a refreshment or an ice cream.

Open weekends, national long weekend holidays and in summer.

If you like more refreshing attractions, you should visit the water park Parque Acuático Polinesia. Here there are 54 innovative activities and different attractions at your disposal. Without a doubt they will surprise young and old. If you are hungry head to Polinesia, the park’s exotic restaurant.

The garden Jardin Encantado, enchanted garden, is an original park with thousands and thousands of flowers, many fantastic characters, actors… a great show for all ages. This park is listed by the University of Castellón for its originality and natural decoration as unique in the world. 

Quality beaches

It may seem obvious, but it’s not really so, and those of us who’ve suffered the opposite of what we are going to say here know it! The seawater is in excellent condition, clean and with no surprises like jellyfish. The water temperature is perfect for anyone who likes a warm sea, perfect for plunging right in without the shock of cold water.



One of the accommodation options, mentioned above, is the apartments. If you rent an apartment you also need to do the shopping and cooking yourself. Luckily, there is a supermarket near the adventure park. It’s the only one you’ll find, because the most common thing here is shopping centers with small grocery stores.

Tourism in the surrounding areas

Near Marina d’Or, and with very good transport links, are several tourist attractions. As a “break” in holiday relaxing, this can be very interesting. You can go by train or taxi and have a pleasant excursion.

Special attention to the youngest ones

Children are allowed in the spa of Marina d’Or. This is truly worth mentioning, because in most places children are not allowed. This is just one more example of how Marina d’Or is a prime family destination.003_VCH030_FO_Marina_Okred


Well communicated

Marina d’Or Ciudad de Vacaciones Vacation City is located in Oropesa del Mar on the coast of Castellón in the Valencian Community.

There are several ways to reach the resort, thanks to the purpose-built infrastructure. Nearby are international airports and together with the high-speed train AVE you can get to Marina d’Or in no time.

902 90 30 90 – (+34) 964 72 72 70


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