El Vendrell: Holidays in a warm and welcoming destination

A destination that is friendly and open to the world wishes to welcome us so that we can enjoy a few amazing days. This is El Vendrell, ready to surprise us with its fine sand beaches and privileged climate, as well as its wide range of activities and culture. What more can we ask for our spring or summer holidays.

The geographic location of El Vendrell is one of its great attractions and the reason for its pleasant weather and friendly character. Its coast has always been a source of wealth and influence, and today it is inviting us to enjoy its natural charm.

Sun and fine sand

There is nothing better than spending time with our children on fine sandy beaches. They are only 3.5 km away from the town and located in the coastal villages of Sant Salvador, Coma-ruga and El Francàs, where we will find clear water and an excellent sea temperature. We must also mention that the water in this corner of the Costa Dorada has a high percentage of iodine, which is why bathing here is especially healthy.

Certainly the sea and the mountains have molded its economy, customs and the cultural profile. The coast of El Vendrell is the most important tourist attraction of the municipality, consisting of the three quarters we have mentioned.

El Vendrell is also certified with the seal of quality for its family beaches, granted by the Catalan tourism agency to the municipalities that have an offer of lodging, activities and family-oriented restaurants.


Complete leisure offering

Although the beaches are the most important attraction, we can also find cultural routes, which combine visits to the different museums with all kinds of leisure activities. It is worth mentioning the hot springs in Coma-ruga and the thalassotherapy centre, located in the former sanatorium of San Juan de Dios (San Salvador).

In addition, because it is a coastal village, watersports like snorkeling, sailing or water-skiing are available. These activities can be complemented with golf, tennis, Nordic walking, trekking and mountain biking. We can also go shopping at the commercial centre in the pedestrian area of the old town of El Vendrell, at the municipal market of El Vendrell, or at the different shops at the beaches.


Cultural heritage

It is also a must to know the cultural activity of the town. In El Vendrell there are many museums and social organisations. We can visit the Casa Museo Àngel Guimerà museum, which preserves the atmosphere of the period in which this writer lived, who was the leading figure of the Catalan theater in the 20th century. Next we can go to the Fundación Apel les Fenosa foundation, located in the Casa del Portal del Pardo house. We should also visit the Museo Deu museum, where we can see works by Joaquim Mir, Ramon Casas, Josep Llimona or Josep M. Subirachs amongst others. And to finish the day we should visit the birthplace Casa natal of Pau Casals, which preserves the humble environment from the end of the 19th century, and Villa Casals, which is the former summer home of the musician converted into a museum.

We can’t visit El Vendrell without discovering the magnificent Iglesia arciprestal archpriest church dedicated to el Salvador at the Plaza Vieja square. Inside there is a modernist altar, created by the architect Josep María Jujol, as well as a pipe organ from 1777 which was played by the father of Pau Casals. Also of note is the Ermita de San Salvador hermitage, located in the maritime quarter of the same name, which confirms the existence of a permanent population at this place during this period.


Musical offer

Another highlight of the municipality is the musical offer with an intense program consisting of a wide range of concerts and performances that have as a highlight the Pau Casals International Music Festival. In addition to the rest of the music cycles organized by the Auditorio Pau Casals throughout the year, El Vendrell offers a traditional music cycle, sardanas and pipe organ concerts amongst many other performances. It is very nice to know that the streets will be filled with music in August and the sound of the traditional wind instrument called grallas will accompany all the festivities.

Local gastronomy

If you’d like to make a stop along your way we strongly recommend that you sample the local gastronomy. When visiting El Vendrell one of the dishes you should try is the Xató. This tasty meal is based on chicory, tuna and desalted and crumbled codfish, accompanied by anchovies, black olives and olives of the arbequina variety, flavored with a delicious romesco sauce. In February, the Xatonada Popular and the Xatonaires Teacher Competition are celebrated.

Another typical dish of the municipality is the coca enramada. This coca is savory and is prepared with a base of flour and oil pastry, spinach, beans, green pepper and onion accompanied by sausages or herring. The bakeries and cake shops sell it throughout the year. Other dishes to sample are rostes, orelletes and bufats.

To accompany this magnificent local gastronomy we have the cava and wine produced and bottled by the wineries of the region, which are part of the internationally recognized D.O. Penedés (cit. appellation of origin Penedés).


Let‘s party

After a good meal there isn’t anything better than enjoying participating in festivities. Surely we will find some, because El Vendrell is a municipality with many festivals and traditions.

Among the wide range of popular festivals, we highlight the Fiesta Mayor, the day of Santa Ana. The municipality has a group of castellers (cit. human pyramid), els Nens del Vendrell, who perform whenever there is an important festival in the region.

The celebrations offer also a large parade, consisting of the Baile de Bastones (cit. dance of canes), the Gigantes (cit. giants), the Baile de Diablos (cit. devils dance) and all the local cultural groups, including the Embarcada. There is also a big parade called pasacalles de fuego at night with more than 20 groups and fire animals.


Lodging and services

The stay in El Vendrell is completed by an ample offer including various camp sites, flats, country houses, discos, coffee shops, ice cream parlors and restaurants. The hotels offer is important as well, since there are 10 hotels available for the visitors.

Thanks to the information points it is not difficult to get oriented and fully enjoy the municipality.

For more information you can call Vendrell Tourism at 977 68 00 10.



Ideas for perfect holidays in El Vendrell

– Visit a concert at the Auditorio Pau Casals.

– Visit the Museo Pau Casals.

– Visit the museums in El Vendrell: Museo Deu, Fundación Apel les Fenosa and the Casa Museo Ángel Guimerá.

– Go snorkeling at the Aula Acuática of the Masía Blanca or go sailing at the Club Náutico of Coma-ruga.

– Do gymnastics at the beach.

– Nordic walking

– Take part in the activities at the Diver Parque Lúdico amusement park in the gardens of the Albergue Santa María del Mar refuge, visit the La Bassa animal shelter, hit some balls at the Vendrell Pitch and Putt and do some racing at Vendrell Karting.

– Bathe in the medicinal waters of Riuet in Comarruga

– Enjoy the playgrounds in the sand, for kids from 2 to 10 years.

– Go trekking

– Take a walk on the beach

– Participate in the local festivals and take part in the different leisure, cultural and musical activities: Music in the village, concerts in the gardens of the Museo Deu, Biblioteca Terra Baixa, Saradanas on the Rambla…

– Taste the local gastronomy accompanied by wine, cava and local olive oil.

– Visit the outskirts of El Vendrell: Baix Penedés region.


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